Rhonda’s Magic Touch

gloria-1207.jpgPictured above is a Gloria Chair upholstered in Maya Cloud. In front of the Gloria is the Brickmaker’s Coffee Table. And, no, it doesn’t come smaller.

You know how some people can you just lift their little finger and miracles happen? Well, Rhonda works her decorating magic in a similar way. She had emailed me on Tuesday asking if I would work in the Gt Barrington store Friday for Danielle so Danielle could come to the Rhinebeck store and help Rhonda put the gallery in order for the book signing of Melanie Dunea’s book, My Last Supper, that happens this afternoon.

According to Rhonda, the gallery was a “mess” and a “sea of beige”.

vignette-1-12807.jpgPictured above is a Coleman Sofa upholstered in Maya Taupe, in front of which is a one-of-a-kind antique oriental rug ottoman. On the right is the always functional Elmo Arm Chair upholstered in Graham Paprika.

No grass grows under Rhonda’s feet (which, if you know her, are not known to rest anywhere for long) and on Thursday afternoon she had taken matters into her own hands and whipped the gallery back into shape. With Tony, owner of AGS Logistics, the delivery company Hammertown uses, doing some of the heaviest lifting (Rhonda is pretty strong from all of those spinning classes but she still can’t lift a Nicki 88″ sofa by herself), the gallery has once again been transformed into a haven a la Hammertown of colorful comfort, modern country style and inspiring ideas for any home setting. Needless to say, I was in Rhinebeck yesterday and Danielle stayed in Gt Barrington and all was right with the world. At least for the moment.

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