The Valley Table

“The magazine of all things epicurean up and down the river.”

So says the New York Times and I couldn’t agree more.

The Valley Table is the only publication in the Hudson Valley devoted exclusively to regional farms, food and cuisine. Their mission from the very start was to support local agriculture and efforts to strengthen the links among producers, marketers, restaurateurs and consumers. It urges its readers to patronize businesses that feature wholesome, Hudson Valley products and to support economic initiatives that benefit regional agriculture and related efforts.

valley table nov-02I have advertised in The Valley Table for many years. It is an absolutely beautifully done publication. The covers are by local artists, and they are totally inspiring. The articles are always informative and current, and the photographs are “mouth-wateringly” gorgeous.  Each issue features articles on the food, farm and local scene, along with incredible recipes and reviews of the best restaurants in the Hudson Valley.  The photographic essay stories are wonderful, and if you’re a self-confessed “foodie” like me, The Valley Table has the best hints and tips you would want to find.

Their website is incredibly useful with an online Valley Guide as well as information on everything from Local Food Events and Recipes to locations of Farmers’ Markets and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture projects).

You can find print copies of The Valley Table in various stores and food places in the region (i.e. all 3 Hammertown stores) or you can subscribe.  Whether you are a reader or an interested advertiser, this is a magazine well worth checking out.  There are lots of free publications scattered about the region but unlike most of those, I take every new issue of The Valley Table home with me and sit down and read it cover to cover.

Get one today…and Enjoy!

The Valley Table
Publishers: Janet Crawshaw, Jerry Novesky
Editor: Jerry Novesky
Phone: 845.561.2022